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Fri, Sep 22, 23


Kentuckians are very fluent in how famous bourbon has become in past years. Bourbon is becoming the most popular whiskey among Americans. Now the pressing question for tequila lovers is: what is the most popular tequila?

Over the past couple of years, the IWSR has been following the trend of high Mezcal sales. By the year 2023, Mezcal and tequila are expected to surpass vodka sales; making it the most-purchased spirit in the United States with $13.3 billion in sales. Vodka sales are expected to grow to $12.5 billion versus its close competitor, whiskey, at around $12.3 billion.

What is Mezcal?

Mezcal is a liquor made from the agave plant. There are 28 different types of agave plants but only the Blue Agave will produce the Mezcal that you love.

How is it made?

Straight from harvest, the meat of the agave plant, called the piña, is cut from the leaves and slow-roasted over a fire. This will give the agave a sweet and smokey flavor. After 4-5 days of roasting, the meat is then removed from the fire and then mashed in order for fermentation to begin. After fermenting in sugar and warm water for 2-3 days, the agave is then distilled and juiced. The finished product is the well-loved Mezcal!

Where is it from?

Mezcal originated straight from Mexico! Its origins are traced back to Mexican heritage and to this day, most of the Mezcal that is sold in the United States is produced in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Fun fact: if agave is used to create liquor outside of Mexico, it cannot be labeled as Mezcal, but instead is referred to as an agave-based spirit.

What does it taste like?

Mezcal is a type of liquor that has a broad range of flavors; even more than tequila! With most of the flavors, the drinker will experience a smokey taste with just a hint of sweetness. This sweetness is all thanks to the agave plant while the smokiness is from the 5-7 days of roasting over a fire to create the perfect mix of flavors.

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