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Do You Have A Favorite Liquor And Ginger Ale Cocktail?

Tue, Sep 26, 23

Just like me, I bet everyone just began picturing their favorite Ginger Ale cocktail and now we are all craving it. What we want to know: What liquor do you prefer when it comes to pairing it with Ginger Ale?


Ginger Ale is sweet, bubbly, and the absolute perfect mix to go along with your favorite liquor. Invented in the 1850s, Ginger Ale has been around a long time and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t tasted it at least once. This drink goes along with so many different tasting liquors, there are many MANY combinations people come up with. So what are yours?


Here's Our Top 8 Ginger Ale Cocktails:

1. The Whiskey Ginger!

Made up of just Ginger Ale and your select type of whiskey, this two-ingredient cocktail is among the favorites of many people. This one is easy to make, duplicate, and purchase ingredients for. Keep this cocktail in mind when wanting to expand your cocktail library.

Ingredients: Bourbon and Ginger ale


          2. The Shady!

          One of the most popular Ginger Ale cocktails, the Shandy is said to be hundreds of years old. After originating in Europe, it has quickly become a world-known and very popular drink. Just combine Ginger Ale, lemon, and your favorite lager beer and you have made your very own Shandy.

          Ingredients: Pale Ale or Lager beer and Ginger Ale with lemon


          3. The Run and Ginger Ale!

          This simple cocktail takes less than a minute to make and is super refreshing. The way that the ginger just melts into the rum makes for the perfect mix. You can mix basically any rum that you have on hand and this cocktail will turn out amazing.

          Ingredients: Rum and Ginger ale or Whiskey and Ginger Ale can also be used


          4. The Tequila and Ginger Ale!

            Another simple, but phenomenal combination! The delicate, sweet ginger ale is the perfect partner for the oaky and vanilla taste of tequila. Easy-to-make and tasty. What can be better!

            Ingredients: Tequila and Ginger Ale


            5. The Pimm's Cup!

              Once again, a very easy-to-make Ginger Ale cocktail. Are you catching on to the trend yet?? The popular British cocktail is all about fruity-flavored gin and bubbly soda. This mixed drink is mostly known for always being available at any party you attend; as it’s easy and simple to make.

              Ingredients: Pimm’s No. 1, ginger ale, lemon, cucumber slices


              6. The Transfusion!

                Now, this drink is a little fancier than the ones we have covered so far. Combine the ingredients: Vodka, Concord grape juice, Ginger Ale, and lime to create your new favorite cocktail of all time! Bubbly, sweet-tart with a bit of spicy ginger and the musky finish of the grape juice will create a party in your mouth.

                Ingredients: Vodka and Ginger Ale with Concord grape juice and lime


                7. The Vodka and Ginger Ale!

                  This drink is usually mixed with a lime slice or two to add more flavor. This three-ingredient cocktail can excite anyone with a taste for Vodka. There is no need to buy fancy and expensive liquors with this recipe.

                  Ingredients: Vodka and Ginger Ale with lime


                  8. The Blue Long Island!

                    (Aka the Blue Long Island Iced tea) The long island iced tea is a common household known drink that is well known for its high alcohol content. The Blue Long Island is a bit different from this! If it is made the right way, the drinker will taste a fresh, nuanced flavor. It also should have a lower alcohol content than most other cocktails. 

                    Ingredients: Vodka, tequila, white rum, gin, blue curacao, lemon juice, ginger ale

                    By inquiries@coxslouisville.com